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Many professional publications often have their own house style which introduce specific variations within these general conventions. For electronic citation, see our help guide on citing electronic resources. Some of the more recent are:. Gustavii B. How to write and illustrate a scientific paper. Montgomery SL. Chicago guide to communicating science. Peat J. Scientific writing : easy when you know how. Other useful sources Harvard style: Style manual for authors, editors and printers 6th ed. Sydney: John Wiley and Sons, ISBN Chicago style: The Chicago manual of style: for authors, editors and copywriters 15th ed.

University of Chicago P, Turabian style: Turabian KL. A manual for writers of term papers, theses and dissertations 6th ed. There are many variations on the style - examples are below:. Other writers have commented on related issues, notably Lane , and Lewis , p. If two papers are cited by the same author, and both are published in the same year, the first should be referenced as Loft a , then Loft b , and so on.

The full citation is listed at the end of the article, which is arranged in alphabetical order by author. Journal names are given in full and are italicised, as are book names. References would be cited as follows:. Annas, G. Grinspoon, L. Universities have many variations for use in their own institutions, a few examples are linked below. The Vancouver system differs from Harvard by using a number series to indicate references.

Bibliographies list these in numerical order as they appear in the text. The main advantage of the Vancouver style is that the main text reads more easily, and some editors consider this to be less obtrusive. Additionally, references in the bibliography are directly correlated to numbers, saving the reader time in searching alphabetically for the first author of a reference.

See the full Uniform Requirements The NLM abbreviation for a journal title is commonly required by medical journals. Other writers have commented on related issues, notably Lane 2,3 and Lewis 4. References in the Vancouver style would be cited in numerical order as below. This is a more economical style than Harvard, and excessive punctuation, spacing and formatting is absent.

Journal names are abbreviated. Marijuana: the forbidden medicine. London: Yale University Press; For EndNote this can be achieved by listing the organisations together on one line of the 'Author' field, e.

Examples using Vancouver style

Standards Australia; Standards New Zealand. Sydney: Standards Australia; International Organization for Standardization. Risk Management: Principles and Guidelines. Geneva: International Organization for Standardization; ISO E. NDARC technical report Australian Bureau of Statistics. Disability, Ageing and Carers: Summary of Findings. Canberra: Australian Bureau of Statistics; ABS publication Turban D. Isotopic ratios of uranium in uranium salts and pitchblende. Published Accessed November 8, Regional population growth, Australia, Queensland.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Cat No World Health Organization. Equitable access to essential medicines: a framework for collective action. Accessed October 29, Put the patent type in the 'Country' field, eg. United States, Australian, European etc. Flexible endoscopic grasping and cutting device and positioning tool assembly.

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United States patent August 1, Put the type of thesis in the 'Thesis type' field, eg. McGlynn M. Weighing the evidence: clinical decision making in neurological physical therapy [Masters of Science thesis]. Toronto: University of Toronto; McLellan CP. Neuromuscular, biochemical, endocrine and physiological responses of elite rugby league players to competitive match-play [PhD thesis].

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Gold Coast, Australia: Bond University; Borkowski M. Infant sleep and feeding: a telephone survey of hispanic Americans [master's dissertation].

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If you have found the article using a subscription library databases such as Library Search, Proquest, Factiva and Pressdisplay do not include this information Newspaper article - online, no page numbers 1. Hashim S. Daily Telegraph. January 6, Accessed January 7, Newspaper article - online, no author, no page numbers 1.

Diseased organs may be used to deter smokers. Sydney Morning Herald. June 29, Accessed September 19, Newspaper article - online, with no page numbers, found in library database 1. Dearne K. Dispensing with the chemist. June 14, Newspaper article - in print 1. O'Leary C.

Vitamin C does little to prevent winter cold. West Australian. Jun 29, Newspaper article - in print, no author 1. Stiff warning on potency tablet.

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Gold Coast Bulletin. August 30, Put the type of materials in the 'Type of Medium' field, e.

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Put details of the lecture week, course code etc. The URL, date accessed etc. Tajouri L. Viruses and viral replication.

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Place of publication, ie. Put the type of materials in the 'Type of Medium' field, eg. Put details of the assignment document eg. Smith J. Assignment 2: Reflective essay. Look for the DOI on the page where you accessed the article or in the article itself. It will look something like this: For setting up EndNote to use abbreviations see the section below 'Abbreviating journal names' Journal article - one to six authors 1. Cardiorespiratory response to exercise on a large therapeutic roll. Cardiopulm Phys Ther J.

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Drummond P. Triggers of motion sickness in migraine sufferers. Journal article — seven or more authors 1. Feasibility of screening for diabetic retinopathy at an Australian pathology collection service: a pilot study. Med J Aust. Journal article - organisation as author 1.