Barbara huttmann a crime of compassion essay

At this point Mac has lost "his youth, his wit, his macho, his hair, his bowel and bladder control, his sense of taste and smell and his ability to do even the slightest thing for himself" Huttmann creates contrasting images to show the horrific changes Mac has gone through due to his diagnosis. In the first image, Mac is depicted as a super heroic figure who is indestructible. As he enters the hospital, he carries with him a fearless attitude that enables people to look to him as a figure of protection.

However, in the second image, his health has disintegrated and he has wasted away to nothingness. Is Compassion Really a Crime? Log in. Houston, we have a problem! Stand out and be remembered with Prezi, the secret weapon of great presenters. Get started today. What is Prezi? Learn more. Send the link below via email or IM Copy. Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. No description.

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Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse. After lots of tears, we decided that it was best to put her down. Although the loss was difficult for me, I knew that it was in her best interest. I feel that such decisions must be made on an individual basis; there is no universal solution. I agree, there is no universal solution. There are too many stipulations, caveats, rules, and whatnot to create guiding laws for this. I believe life to be absolutely precious and never to be wasted, but, sometimes, there are cases where there is nothing but pain for the victim. I had a thought while reading this essay -- could it be that in some cases, where people pray for death to come to them, other people are supposed to be the answer to their prayer?

In the case of Mac, for instance: Huttmann didn't actively kill him in any fashion -- Mac was going through the natural processes of a cancerous death. His lungs were failing, and he couldn't breathe without assistance. He stops breathing.

A Crime of Compassion- Summary

Had Barbara not been present, that would have been the end of Mac right there, and that would have been natural, no ones fault. Barbara's presence, however, is the differing factor -- could it be that in refraining to push the button in this one instance that Huttmann was rightly answering this man's prayers for death? Could it be that perhaps Heavenly Father was waiting to see who would have the courage to let Mac go?

Bless You! The courage required to just sit there and do nothing was more courage than I have ever had before or since. Now, almost 40 years later, having sacrificed my nursing career for admitting I did nothing, Ashley empathizes. Thank you Ashley. Barbara Huttmann. Wow, this was hard. I didn't expect to agree with her so quickly and strongly. She's very persuasive. And really it's because she was so honest. She didn't have an alterior motive for her choice.

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She only wanted him to be cout of pain. It really hit me when she expalined how we have become obsessed about degying God's plan. When it comes to cases like this,the doctor isn't being charitable to save the patient--he's being power hungry.

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I loved this essay. Ever since a guy in our ward died, I have been thinking about the concept of death. Every story people mention about death heightens my interest. Not that I am suicidal and am looking for good ways to kill my self… but I return again to the movie Wit. I quoted it in another one of my responses. The scholar and the future scholar are discussing metaphysical poetry and how the punctuation on the last line is important.

How instead of making Death an exclamation point, it is a comma. So interesting and beautiful! Death is just a pause in our life. I think that it is awful that if a person is pleading for death with no chance of survival , that it cannot be given to him. Euthenasia is a big controversial subject and I thought it was really cool that this essay talks about it. If we made euthenasia completely legal, imagine how many "compassionate" deaths there would be.

Nurses or doctors who have evil intentions might purposefully pull the plug on someone who did not want to die, but no one would ever know. Many people are not very coherent when in extreme pain. Whenever I have feel a lot of pain, I always think "I would rather die than bera this any longer!

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  4. In a moment of severe pain, they feel like they would rather die, but they do not usually mean it. In terms of euthenasia, how are we supposed to know if the person means it or not? In addition, what if it's not the person's time to die? What if God still has a mission for that person who is in pain lying in a sick bed in the hospital to fulfill?

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    What if the pain and the illness are just a temporary trial or test of faith? Euthenasia should not be allowed, in my opinion. Death should happen naturally and when God wishes it. No one else should have a say in another's death or help someone die, it's wrong. RFIW responses. I greatly enjoyed this essay because of the controversy it addresses. Over time, the question of euthanasia has been heatedly debated without any conclusions made. On this subject, I myself am not concretely decisive because of the variance in individual situations.

    I do, however, have my own thoughts.

    Unfortunately, however, there is a problem. Many people who are ill have a way for survival, though they may be in pain during treatment. On this subject, I believe the decision could be ethical whether it allowed or denied euthanasia, depending on the situation. Pretend you are a nurse and you have a patient much like Mac who is chronically ill and is wasting away into nothingness on a hospital bed.

    Say there is no chance for survival, and his prolonged life is merely causing emotional stress on all who loved Mac. Mac pleas for death, a way to escape the pain, and find his way back to dwell with his maker. Moreover, his family cries because of his pain, and wants him to die so that he will no longer suffer. Mac looks into your eyes as his entire body is going through necrosis, and his flesh is rotting. His entire body convulses as he coughs, and he has a tear in his eye. You feel that, though others claim you are trying to play God by being the one to let him die, you could also be attacked for playing God because you are the one to sustain the life inside this dying body.

    What do you do?!