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Dryden's Criticism : An Essay on Dramatic Poesy

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An Essay of Dramatic Poesy Summary by John Dryden

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No description. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse. More presentations by maryam abdun Untitled Prezi. For Lisideius "no theater in the world has anything so absurd as the English tragicomedy; in two hours and a half, we run through all the fits of Bedlam. He also favors English drama-and has some critical -things to say of French drama: "those beauties of the French poesy are such as will raise perfection higher where it is, but are not sufficient to give it where it is not: they are indeed the beauties of a statue, but not of a man.

A continued gravity keeps the spirit too much bent; we must refresh it sometimes. Neander asserts that "we have invented, increased, -and perfected a more pleasant way of writing for the stage. Neander criticizes French drama essentially for its smallness: its pursuit of only one plot without subplots; its tendency to show too little action; its "servile observations of the unities…dearth of plot, and narrowness of imagination" are all qualities which render it inferior to English drama.

Neander extends his criticism of French drama - into his reasoning for his preference for Shakespeare over Ben Jonson. Shakespeare "had the largest and most comprehensive soul," while Jonson was "the most learned and judicious writer which any theater ever had.

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Crites objects to rhyme in plays: "since no man without premeditation speaks in rhyme, neither ought he to do it on the stage. Even though blank verse lines are no more spontaneous than are rhymed lines, they are still to be preferred because they are "nearest nature": "Rhyme is incapable of expressing the greatest thought naturally, and the lowest it cannot with any grace: for what is more unbefitting the majesty of verse, than to call a servant, or bid a door be shut in rhyme?

Milton’s Essay of Dramatic Poesy: Samson Agonistes - Oxford Scholarship

Neander respond to the objections against rhyme by admitting that "verse so tedious" is inappropriate to drama and to anything else. Is the sense of the verses tied down to, and limited by, the rhymes, or are the rhymes in service to, and an enhancement of, the sense of the verses? Dryden prescriptive in nature, defines dramatic art as an imitation with the aim to delight and to teach, and is considered a just and lively image of human nature representing its passions and humors for the delight and instruction of mankind.

Dryden emphasizes the idea of decorum in the work of art.