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Peer relations are high priority because of the fun and pleasure a child will get from being in the company of other children, which is most evident in play.

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Non-parental early childhood arrangements have proliferated because parents need to be employed and cannot simultaneously care for their children. Although, throughout the 21st century, these arrangements of early childhood care are seen as a means of enrichment for the child to help establish their developmental needs by meeting new people and other children to gain dependence from their parents and that is where peer groups start to enhance a child from one of the earliest stages in our lives.

Interactions with peers meaning other children develop through multiple and recursive interactive experiences which are well scripted social exchanges that are repeated many times with only slight variation Bretherton, From this, the child forms an internal representation of a relationship with a playmate, and from those playmate relationships friendships could evolve — children who engage in repeated and complex interactions with a given playmate are more likely to represent the partner as a friend and the content of these interactions will influence the quality of the resulting friendship Kernan, As mentioned earlier, children who have strong attachments to their primary caregiver are concurrently and longitudinally more socially competent with peers even when controlling for parental attachment quality Howes ; Pianta et al We sometimes incorrectly assume this is because sociable children from good relationships with all people, peers and caregivers.

In the introduction, it was mentioned that the first peer relationship a child makes is with their primary caregiver, whether this is with their mother, father, or teacher — it is essential that children create the strongest bond possible with this figure in order to have the confidence to establish new bonds with other people including other adults and children their own age.

This makes the time when a child enters a new environment such as a classroom an important setting for the development of peer relations.

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Contrast this with a classroom setting in which children were ridiculed for being different, talked to and touched in a harsh rejecting manner, competed rather than helped each other, and the general tone included mistrust and anger. We can imagine that the social development of children would take two different paths in these two extremes. The main place where child to child relations are made are during play, which means the caregiver must create an environment that values play so they can have the physical space, materials and encouragement to pretend and play together.

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Howes and Wishard say that the amount of time children engage in complex pretend play has decreased over the 20 years they have been observing in local programmes. This decrease is consistent with anecdotal reports that programmes are providing relatively little unstructured time for children to play. There were 42 respondents aged 19 and under that gave their opinions about services in the areas in which they lived, although this may be applauded, the views of the local population of more than children from birth to seven years — making up 39 per cent of those 19 and under were not surveyed.

The BIG lottery fund is a grant making non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom created by the Government to administer funding to suitable causes following the creation of the National Lottery. There are also courses available for those to study child development and play to help enhance the social skills of children and so those primary caregivers like nursery nurses will now have a bigger insight into exactly what a child needs and how to achieve that to help them gain the skills needed to have the confidence to build more relationships when they advance to the older stages and have to gain ore peer relationships.

Northumbria University currently have 12 courses available for early years, these include early years and disability studies to learning in families, schools and beyond. Most of these courses contain topics related to play and child development. The development of courses and funding which is now available shows how early childhood has become more recognisable as a major stepping stone in the formation of peer groups and their ability to give us fundamental skills we will recall on later in life. Most commonly, peer pressure is seen as the time in our lives when peers have the most influence over us Google will bring up over 3 million results for the search peer pressure.

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There are links including ways to deal with peer pressure, definitions and past newspaper articles that are related to peer pressure. Amongst peers, teenagers will find friendships and acceptance and share experiences with these other teenagers that will build lasting bonds.

When in a strange environment, it has been proven that when accompanied by a friend, your heart rate lowers. Having peers who are committed to doing well in school or to doing their best in a sport can influence a person to also be more goal-oriented. The same applies for peers who are kind and loyal which can influence them to build these qualities in themselves. Peers do not have to be somebody you know, for example watching Tom Daley diving at the Olympics could encourage another person to aspire to be like Tom.

A teenager is more likely to copy somebody their own age than somebody older, so having a positive role model from the same age group e. Taylor Swift for singing is a type of peer pressure than can have a positive effect on somebody. Adolescents are going to listen their peers, who can give them advice and feedback on trying new ideas explore beliefs and discus problems. They can help them to make decisions such as what courses to take, what haircut to get and issues such as how to deal with family arguments.

This advice could help a teen through a rough patch and help them make life changing decisions for the better. It can encourage them to try new things, for example joining the school gym or art club. Peer groups give opportunities to people to try out new social skills, allows people to get involved with others — friends of friends so to speak — and gives them a chance to expand their circle of friends. Peers can help each other to build relationships or to work out issues.

Peers can encourage other peers to work hard to hit specific targets, such as getting a solo in the school concert or they can encourage you to study and aim high for your exams as well as listen and support them when they are upset or troubled and they can empathize with each other when they have experienced similar difficult situations. Some teens could be involved in clubs, sports or religious groups and they could help other teens to get involved in these too, helping them to gain new experiences, new likes and dislikes.

Although there are positive effects to having peers in adolescence, there are also negatives and a lot of stresses which can come from peers during this age. They can pressure people into doing something they are uncomfortable with such as shoplifting or doing drugs. But most peer pressure is much more subtle, without talking, a peer could let somebody know how they must dress, talk or the attitudes they should have towards school, parents and teachers in order to win their approval.

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Peer influences have been found to be amongst the strongest predictors of drug use during adolescence. It has been argued that peers initiate drug use by providing, modelling and shaping attitudes to drugs. There was a study done by Farrell and White to determine how much peer pressure affected adolescent drug use, they included factors such as family — are you more likely to conform with drug users if you were from a single parent family, no father or lived with a step parent.

Although, drugs are not just marijuana or heroin and other types of really bad illegal substances, drugs also include alcohol and cigarettes. Underage drinking is one of the leading causes of teenage death it makes you think irrationally, drink and drive or even binge drink until you are unconscious; all of these effects of alcohol usage increase the chances of ending up in hospital or six feet under.

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Although, peer pressure is not the only factor leading to underage drinking, there are other influences such as relationships with parents, parental or sibling drinking and the media. Underage smoking is a common peer pressure problem; someone who starts smoking at the age of 15 is three times more likely to die due to cancer than someone who started in their late twenties. According to a two year study by Carlos Bolanos, teenage smoking can lead to depression in adulthood. Many teens — particular males — feel the pressure to have sex before they are ready.

This factor is what is making schools rethink about the delivery of sex education, and the need to introduce sex education at a much younger age. Although, there are other contributing factors such sexually transmitted diseases and the rise in teenage pregnancy, reports in showed that 1 in 7 sexually active 14 year olds have been pregnant, the report did not say whether they had continued with the pregnancy. Colin, If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Young People.

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Essays, UK. First of all, I would say that parents are our very first teachers. They with great patience pass down the essential knowledge that we need in order to join "the real world". Children often copy their parents' habits and traits because children are sure that parents do only right things. Often children's first wish is to be like their mother of father.

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Parents are the best teachers because they wish their children a success and they do not teach them bad things. They need real teachers who would teach them logic, mathematics, literature, foreign language, management etc. Moreover, they need to communicate with the children of the same age. Adolescence is a period when children learn more from their friends then from their parents. At this age many young people reject their parents' advices and warnings. They begin to learn from their own experience, make conclusions and analyze their first mistakes.

It is very important for parents in this period to be supportive and patient.