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How to Write a Strong Conclusion for IELTS / TOEFL

What other questions warrant further investigation? Remember, the conclusion is the last part of the essay that your reader will see, so spend some time writing the conclusion so that you can end on a high note. The conclusion section of your research paper should include the following:.

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph

This is desirable for future work. Future investigations are necessary to validate the kinds of conclusions that can be drawn from this study. A number of recommendations for future research are given. Further research is needed to confirm this novel finding.

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Related Posts. This section allows you to thank all…. The part of a topic sentence that states the main idea of the body paragraph. All of the sentences in the paragraph connect to it.

TIP 1: Avoid a Summary

Keep in mind that main ideas are…. The parts of a paragraph that prove the main idea. You might include different types of evidence in different sentences. Keep in mind that different disciplines have different ideas about what counts as evidence and they adhere to different citation styles.

30 Useful French Essay Phrases and Transition Words in French

Examples of evidence include…. The parts of a paragraph that explain the evidence.

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In other words, discuss the evidence. The part of a paragraph that helps you move fluidly from the last paragraph.

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Transitions appear in topic sentences along with main ideas, and they look both backward and forward in order to help you connect your ideas for your reader. Keep in mind that MEAT does not occur in that order. For example, a paragraph might look like this: TM. A conclusion typically does one of two things—or, of course, it can do both:. Submit Site Search Search.

How to Write a Strong Conclusion for Your Essay

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PDF Version. Be interesting and find some original angle via which to engage others in your topic. Provides a specific and debatable thesis statement. A good thesis statement makes a debatable point, meaning a point someone might disagree with and argue against. It also serves as a roadmap for what you argue in your paper.