Alternative teaching strategies the case for critical thinking

Analysis of Qualitative Data From Interviews. Conclusion and Limitations. View Abstract. Article available in: All Articles. Can Thinking be Taught? Sandhya Rao Mehta and more RELC Journal. Sabrina M. Singleton and more Michael Bixler and more Clinical Pediatrics.

Teaching Critical Thinking: Some Practical Points

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How to use critical thinking in the classroom

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Using a conceptual approach with concept mapping to promote critical thinking.

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Journal of Nursing Education, 48, 45 - Walker, S. Active learning strategies to promote critical thinking. Journal of Athletic Training, 38, - Wang, Y. Promoting English oral communication and higher-order thinking in Taiwanese ESL students through the use of knowledge visualization techniques.

Perceptual and Motor Skills, , - Wilgis, M. Basically, Beyer sees critical thinking as using criteria to judge the quality of something, from cooking to a conclusion of a research paper. In essence, critical thinking is a disciplined manner of thought that a person uses to assess the validity of something statements, news stories, arguments, research, etc.