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Many theories have been proposed to explain altruism in terms of behaviour, but have been unable to empirically substantiate the concept. Illustrations of these theories are the empathy-precise punishment hypothesis Batson et al. The empathy-certain punishment hypothesis bases the motivated behaviour on the guilt or shame someone activities that is realized in the past.

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In this regard, empathy is regarded as a egocentric way of coping with the damaging emotions. The empathy-reward speculation sees this from the other perspective. In its place of currently being conditioned to truly feel disgrace and guilt, the empathy-reward hypothesis focuses on praise and honour as the core of the motivational behaviour. The previous speculation, the detrimental-point out aid model, proposes that the motivational behaviour is to aid ourselves from the unhappiness seasoned.

Empathy is seen as the origin of the damaging experiences, which is why we help many others. Apparently, these 3 theories have an egoistic place of look at, nevertheless feel not able to reveal altruistic conduct. Rationale for this is that the theories lack an altruistic portion that drives the motivational behaviour.

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This hypothesis states that altruistic behaviour is exhibited as a end result of empathy, although egoistic behaviour is exhibited as a consequence of personalized distress. Another case when this type of essay can be assigned is when there is a need to better understand the personality of the interviewee. Reflective essays are also written while applying for college. The high number of college applicants makes competition incredibly tough; as a result, college admission officers require prospective students to write such essays — only thus can they pick out best candidates.

They are looking at a number of things, including maturity, learning skills as well as the ability to analyze and think critically etc. The need to do reflective writing arises in everyday life too; therefore developing this skill is critical. In its basic form, a reflective essay will take the common essay structure:.

Introduction: This section should be the shortest; usually only one paragraph that establishes the frame of your personal reflection in a clear and concise manner. This is often achieved using reflective statements, then pointed sentences that describe the key ideas of reflective essay. Body: The body paragraphs are where you can be more creative with your space and structure.

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Some reflection papers resemble narratives in which the writer tells their story from the perspective of how their experiences have impacted their personal growth and development. In the body of the essay, it is important to use descriptive language to differentiate between simply a retelling of key events and a rich narrative that exhibits true personal reflection.

How to Write a Well-Structured Essay. A reflective essay is supposed to reveal your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It requires your presence in the text of the paper. This will make your essay more personal. Most other essay types require objectivity and impersonality; however, this is not the case. Referencing is not needed in 9 cases out of 10; however, some reflective essays will require you to back up your claims by making a reference to a reputable source of information.

Be prepared to run a background research to back up your claims and read instructions carefully. Deciding on a topic for your reflection paper can be difficult, and ultimately the topic must be based on what experiences in your life you think will best exhibit your growth in the way you intend to present it in your personal reflection. With that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started. These topic suggestions are separated into categories from easy, marked by simpler topics that can be developed in a shorter period of time or space, to difficult, which contain more complex themes and must be described in a longer and more drawn out format.

An event, like a celebration or holiday that has led to changes in the way you think or behave over time. A new person in your life; what was your first impression and how did meeting them affect the way you have developed as a person? A first job or internship; think about skills you learned and relationships you made and how they have impacted your life.

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A complex relationship or first love; new emotions and experiences are often the catalysts for personal development and change. Any experience that leads to self-improvement, from a mental, physical or emotional standpoint. A family vacation or other family experience that led to self-discovery or change in your interaction with your family members.

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The first experience with a group of people different than you, and how gaining understanding led to a personal change. An experience in which you feared for your own safety and how overcoming or surviving the event changed you. A great accomplishment, such as athletic or academic excellence, and the personal steps necessary to accomplish it. It is important to remember: while these suggestions are for varying levels of complexity, any topic can be described with more or less depth to fit the requirements of your unique personal reflection.

Depending on your school, subject, and even essay topic, you might be required to format your writing in accordance with different standards. These referencing styles tend to evolve over time, so be sure to consult respective manuals for updates.