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It is questionable whether the pre-service programmes to train special educators prepares them to function effectively in all the above these programmes. Hence a short in-service programme can be planned to help the staff to gain expertise in the areas that have not been covered in the pre-service training programme. A study by Narayan, Rao and Reddy 6 showed that special teachers of visually handicapped children could acquire the skills to identify children with mental retardation and to train them in basic skills, with one week's intensive training.

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This short training also instilled confidence in the teachers to handle children with mental retardation in addition to children with visual handicap. Training of teachers in a single disability as against multi-category disability, is a point of discussion in many fora. Many question the quality and adequacy of training people in more than one disability.

However, as reported in the National Policy on Education 7 both have their merits and demerits.

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Gartner and Lipskey 8 pointed out that non-categorical teacher training equips teachers to deal with more than one disability, which in turn bridges the boundaries between general education and special education. However, single disability training is also needed on a limited scale because the children with severe and profound disabilities cannot be easily integrated, and need special education in segregated settings. A majority of the training programmes in India focus on a single disability.

Inclusive Education for Students with Special Needs

But a single disability teacher training programme is not economically viable since appointing special educators for small groups of 4 to 5 children with single disabilities would be very expensive. Hence, it is necessary to have a teacher training programme which enables the teacher to manage all disabilities. As the current trend in special education is integrated education and inclusive education, there is also a need for reorienting the general teacher training courses.

Jangira 9 states that the assumption among most professionals is that general teachers cannot be trained to meet the educational needs of children with disabilities.

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He points out that this assumption is baseless as there has been no research conducted in this area. However, in order to provide training effectively to children with disabilities in different service programmes, single disability teachers, multi-disability teachers and regular teachers with special education skills would all be required.

Therefore, different types of teacher training programmes will need to be planned, with variations in content, process and duration. To train the teachers at various levels with diverse needs, well qualified and experienced master trainers are required, apart from well equipped departments of special education in universities.

It is essential that master trainers are certified special educators in the respective disability, who further have higher qualification to be at a faculty level, in order to ensure quality in teacher preparation.

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  5. The current scenario in India reveals that there are few universities which have departments of special education, not all of them have suitably qualified staff, and some have positions that have been vacant for a long time due to non-availability of trained persons. The world trend is towards universities having departments of special education training, and this trend needs to be followed in India as well.


    All universities must have departments of special education with courses at degree and post-graduate levels to enable preparation of master trainers in special education. This would also automatically lead to research in special education through M. The national institutes should collaborate with the universities with this aim, to upgrade the quality of special education on the whole. The field of special education has grown tremendously in the past few years, demanding frequent updates for the professionals. Periodic in-service training programmes for teaching professionals to keep them abreast of the developments world-wide and to equip them to face the challenges of changing trends, is of paramount importance.

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    To learn more- Click here. Click on the e-Journal Image for the Table of Contents. Take a moment to review the various e-Publications, professional development and special education resources. Board Certification in Special Education establishes a much needed standard for professionals, across disciplines, who work with exceptional children. The online Special Educator e-Journal is published monthly throughout the year and provides timely information on what's current in special education. This list is provided to all members of NASET to help facilitate the numerous tasks required on a daily basis.

    NASET's Week in Review is a weekly emailed publication that provides members with some of the most interesting stories, topics and issues reported during the week in the field of special education. News Alerts are emailed, posted and through RSS feeds. This series provides NASET members with an in-depth look at the step-by-step process of assessing students for eligibility and educational placement in special education.

    While not as prevalent as other disorders experienced by most special education teachers, you should be aware of these disorders in order to become more knowledgeable, and increase your ability to assist patents of children with these disorders if they should appear in your classroom or school.

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    Each month we will present a list of 3 disorders that appear in the special education population. New additions are added monthly. This series offers teachers the insight into the inner dynamics, conflicts, fears, symptoms, tension, and so on of students who may be experiencing difficulty learning or behaving in the classroom.

    This series is devoted exclusively to students with severe disabilities.