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Sorted by Relevance Author University Date. Results per page: 30 60 Metadata information about the theses comes from over colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes 5,, theses and dissertations. Parallel Algorithms for Machine Learning.

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University of Western Ontario. Radwan, Islam Mohamed Othman. University of Cincinnati.

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Murnan, Aaron. Freezing of Palletized Food and Time-to-freeze Prediction. Cai, Hongchang. The body as a barrier: How salient illness symptoms influence responses to health communication messages. Silver, Nathaniel Aaron. Mud, Twigs, and Clover. Walsh, Mark. Alhassan, Halima. Clark, Brian A. Universidade Federal do Amazonas.

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Waldstein, Seth William. Krajnc, Samo. Brdnik, Doris. Burke, Susan Marie. Antioch University.

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A wider audience who might be interested in your work will never find your thesis. You need to jailbreak your research from the library and make it accessible to the largest potential audience. The best way to do this is to write a popular book. First, ask yourself who this wider audience is and why they would be interested in your research. They might be industry leaders, managers, researchers, students, university professors, or self-learners. To make your research accessible to them, you might need to reconfigure the main theme of your thesis.

For my masters I researched different types of data scientists in my country.

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I asked what could be done in academia and industry to cultivate this professionals. When it came to publishing the book, I focused more generally on the field of data science. Publishing your research for the masses is an opportunity that exists in any field of study if you know how present it for a mass audience. Remember Umberto Eco? If you know how to do this and have a specific audience in mind, finding a publisher is not too difficult. Simply look for a publishing house that serves this type of audience. They will likely be interested in your work. After deciding to write a book, the second question is how to write it.

When you are beginning your MA or PhD program, should you set out to write the thesis and the popular book at the same time? Or should you write the thesis first and then convert it into a popular book? It depends on your situation. I chose the first method and had both in mind when I sat down to write my thesis.

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I wrote it in a simple and intuitive way from the very beginning to be used for the book later. If you follow this route make sure to double check writing guidelines for your thesis. With enough planning you can find a way to do both tasks with minimal effort. There are other advantages with writing a thesis with a book in mind. First, time spent on research feels more productive.

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You know that you are getting two publications for the price of one.