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Writing a critique

The requirements for the structure and content are different from the typical essays. The most challenging part is to define the credibility of the dissected article. A student has to prove whether the readers can trust the source or not. Many students wonder how to write an article critique and not to get stuck in the process. While going through the text, be attentive and note down the key points that can in the future help you with the final draft. Common Mistakes to Avoid The biggest mistake of many students is that they just put down a summary instead of an analysis.

It is important to challenge your personal skills and develop a personal approach to exploring the issue. Here are the top pitfalls to avoid while working on this type of project:. Most often, such type of assignment is written in APA. This citation format was established by the American Psychological Association to help psychology, sociology, arts, and humanities students and professionals cite their documents. An article critique outline is close to the regular essay structure, with some nuances.

The format and structure should look this way:.

Other essays do not require one. It explains what analysis techniques were applied to observe the issue.

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Put the word "Abstract" at the center top of a page and include nothing else but an abstract itself. The title of your analysis goes at the center of the next page. After it, move on to discuss significant information without forgetting to double-space the entire text. Recall the errors done while studying the article, used techniques, tools, etc. It is impossible to answer the "How to do an article critique? Describe any problems you had with the authors premise, methods, or conclusions.

Your critique might focus on problems with the authors argument, presentation or on information, and alternatives that have been overlooked. Organize your paper carefully and be careful not to jump around from one argument to the next.

How to Critique an Article? All you Need to Know!

Argue one point at a time. Doing this will ensure that your paper flow's well and is easy to read.

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Your critique paper should end with an overview of the articles argument, your conclusions and your reactions. Ever wonder what your personality type means?

How to write a thesis statement for an analytical essay

Sign up to find out more in our Healthy Mind newsletter. More in Student Resources. Read the introduction section of the article. Read the methods section of the article.

Writing an Article Critique | Ashford Writing Center

Read the results section of the article. Read the discussion section of the article. Thesis Statement. Article Summary.

What is an article review?

Your Analysis. Reading scientific articles can be difficult. Learn more about how to read and understand psychology journal articles. Take a rough draft of your paper to your school's writing lab for additional assistance. Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up. What are your concerns?

What Is an Article Critique Assignment?

Reading critically at university. London, England: Sage. Have a study or assignment writing question?

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