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Making such linkages in answers helps a candidate fetch more marks. For example , the human rights and big data question can be linked to Frankfurt school and their views on consumerism.

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But this does not come in a day. It at first needs a clarity about the concept and then comes the application part. Understanding this need of students, we are providing 3 current affairs classes to be held on 10th, 20th and 30th every month along with the course. This way current topics of every month will be covered accordingly. In these classes following things will be taught. Tests will be evaluated through a unique part-wise system which will make students capable of self-evaluation.

This will improve their judgement in differentiating a good and bad answer. Test questions will be discussed after evaluation, giving students the standard approach in UPSC to fetch more marks. Sample of a Handout given as Supplementing material:. Download Sample Handout. Video on Course Description:. Sample Class Video — Lecture on Power:. Instructor fg ghj. Type Online Course. Date Nov 9, - Feb 29, Price Rs. You should check it yourself by clicking on the link below: Test Series Questions Click on the link below for some sample answers by a student who had taken the test series: Answer copy Continuing with the good work, we are starting a new batch for Political Science on November 9th , that is next month.

It caters to every student even without a background of Political Science Note : Daily Answer Writing Practice through Sprint Test which will be based on portions covered in the previous class. In these classes following things will be taught Important current affairs topic of last 10 days related to Political Science from newspapers will be picked They will be explained and important points will be provided on those topics in class which can be easily used for revision during the exams.

These points will come in handy for GS paper 2 as well.

Most importantly integration with theoretical concepts will be done and also tricks will be given to learn the art of linking things. Classes Classes will cover topics from Basics to the Advanced level keeping in mind the dynamic nature of questions being asked in recent times. Relevant supplementary material will be provided in a format which will help students revise quickly prior to the exam.

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Key concepts in International Relations: National interest, Security and power; Balance of power and deterrence; Transnational actors and collective security; World capitalist economy and globalization. Comment Can zero-sum game explain the mixture of conflict and cooperation of the present dynamics of international relations?

Identify the dynamic nature of National Interests in the contemporary world polities with suitable examples. Explain with examples. S relationship with the USS. Did Nuclear Deterrence prevent a superpower war? Discuss its relevance in the contemporary world politics. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples. Elucidate What is the importance of South-South co-operation to achieve these? Do you think that the processes of interdependence and integration have grown steadily in the post Cold War Globlisation trajectory?

Is the present transformation driven by domestic compulsion, or external overall crisis of the global economy? Do you think that millennium development goals have been able to achieve the desired goals of poverty alleviation and sustainable development? Trace the efforts in the international protection of human rights in the twentieth century Syste Bring out the significance of the statement. Do you think that autocratic societies are more prone to political violence? Illustrate your answer with a comparative study of a few societies.

In this regard, to what extent have state policies to counter terrorism been effective in these areas? Critically evaluate.

1. Comment on the following in about 150 words each: 10x5=50 marks

Elaborate your answer with examples. Explain in the context of feminist theories? What reforms is india asking for to strengthen the global institutions of governance and why? Suggest the changes for efficient improvements. In this context, assess the future prospective on climate control.

Discuss the deficiency in the provision of NPT. Indian Foreign Policy: Determinants of foreign policy; institutions of policy-making; continuity and change.


Discuss the significance of diplomacy in the conduct of foreign relations. Discuss it. Discuss this statement with suitable examples. How does the social structure of India impact the course and direction of its foreign policy?

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Discuss its relevance in the contemporary context. Illustrate with examples. Do you agree with the view that the Indian Foreign Policy is increasingly being shaped by the Neoliberal outlook? India and South Asia:. O Discuss the organization of activities of the International Labour Organization in the light of the above statement In the light of this statement examine Indias role in the South Asian region Discuss with illustration.

Substantiate the statement with economic diplomatic engagements of India in the last decade. Critically evaluate various alternatives for its solution